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One of the reasons I love my job

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Posted by randyo under Great Customer Comments

One of the reasons I love my job is because I get to read the great things our customers say about us when I read the comment cards that we receive each day in the mail.  Here are the comments that were written on the comment cards from eight different customers that I received today.

"Tech did great job and was done in a minimal amount of time.  Was on time and friendly."

"I have already given your name to a neighbor."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Connie and Dale were fantastic - friendly, very helpful, and professional!"

"Dale figured something out 2 other garage door guys couldn't.  He should get a raise!"

"Great service. (My) Parents purchased from HollywoodCrawford shortly after."

"He did a great job."

"He did a great job." (same comment from a different customer)

"The technician did a phenomenal job of adjusting the garage door and installing the new opener.  It is very quiet."

We have terrific people working for us that love to take care of people and their garage door and opener issues.  I am very blessed to be surrounded by this group of people and it is one of the main reasons that I love my job so much. 

San Antonio's Garage Door Openers vs. the NSA's Land Mobile Radio (LMR) System

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Posted by abeck under Garage Door Opener Service Issues

T minus 2 weeks and counting.  Many residents near the National Security Agency's new facility on San Antonio's West Side are waiting to see what is really going to happen on March 1st, 2010.  Residents near the new NSA facility began experiencing problems with their garage door opener remote controls around 1/20/10. 

The problems seemed to be isolated to garage door opener remote controls that were operating on 390 mhz.  The NSA turned on their Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system causing interference with these garage door opener controls.  The United States government started using this LMR system back in May 2004 at Eglin AFB in Florida causing the same sort of issues with garage door opener radio controls that San Antonio residents experienced recently. 

The LMR system has been used at many government facilities since 2004 with similar results.  However, according to some garage door opener industry representatives the problems seemed to have been short lived and isolated in the parts of the country where the LMR system was turned on. 

The NSA issued a statement on or around February 27th stating the the LMR antenna had been turned off for now but that it was going to be turned back on March 1st.  Supposedly this was to allow homeowners that were affected by the LMR system to contact the manufacturer of their garage door opener to see what solutions they could offer.

I believe because of the history of the LMR system across the country and how the affects on garage door opener radio controls have been relatively short lived the manufacturers are going to wait to see what happens. However, I do believe they are also developing a contigency plan just in case San Antonio's LMR issues don't follow the pattern of the rest of the nation. 

For now it seems like most people are going to wait and see what happens on March 1st.   


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