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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

We feel honored and privileged to have earned the trust of San Antonians over the past 65 years. We have made a commitment to treat our customers with the respect and dedication they deserve, and as a result, we regularly receive lots of emails and comment cards from our wonderful customers. We’d love to hear about your experience >>

“Excellent experience overall.  Receptionist was friendly and scheduled an estimate. The salesman arrived on time, was professional, courteous, and let the product and service sell themselves. No pressure. No gimmicks. He explained why our old garage door and motor failed and explained how his products differed. We chose a garage door that was out of stock. It arrived, as promised, in 2 weeks. The technician arrived on time, was friendly, answered my questions, and finished the job in about 2 hours (this included disassembling the old door, and removing the tracks, motor, and mounts). The door has been in place now for 3 months. It opens and closes silently, smoothly, and without problems. We should have called Hollywood Crawford three YEARS ago! This was the BEST experience we've had with a contractor in San Antonio.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

 – James P.  


“I asked for a technical visit/inspection about a year earlier, and was impressed that the inspector looked at my garage door opener and gave me some pointers but said he didn't see any need to replace anything -- no charge. I also stopped by their office just to see what it looked like, and was impressed. I filed this information away, and when one of the torsion springs broke, I knew who I was going to call. Work was done quickly, and the tech answered all the questions I had about garage door opening systems in general.”  

– Richard S.  


“Several months back, you installed my new door and I absolutely love it.  It compliments the house, as it matches my front door. I doubt seriously if I would have selected that beautiful Clopay door had it not been for John Noren, convincing me how attractive it would be. I get so many compliments. Today, I needed your help. I was trying to program the garage door opener with my new car. Cavender Cadillac gave me a flyer how to do it, but I just could not succeed… it was just overwhelming. I decided to call you, your staff, Stephanie and Lisa came to my rescue. Lisa walked me through the process and I was absolutely amazed when we complete it successfully and the door opened and closed from the car remote. Just about every time I have had to call you for help, your girls are able to walk me through the problem, thus preventing your having to send a technician out. I appreciate that.  Just wanted to say Thank You! I nominate Lisa as Employee of the Month.” 

- Joy M., Customer for over 35 years  



 “I had ordered a custom garage door several weeks ago and today Matt, the installer, arrived with our new door. Matt arrived early and was very courteous and promptly began taking down our old wood doors in a workman-like manner. He swept as he went along, keeping our garage floor as clean as possible. [He continued] stacking the old doors out in the driveway.  I was there to help but the only help Matt as was to help lift the old door to the top rack of his truck. As he worked, he explained what he was doing and offered suggestions for door maintenance. I was surprised how quickly my new door and belt driven lift were installed. I expected the job to take much longer. The new door is now up and it performs beautifully. I cannot believe how quite it is. Thank you for sending Matt over to do our installation.” 

– Gerald W.  



“I am sending this note because a postcard just won’t do it. I have to tell you the professionalism, knowledge and courteousness of everyone I work with at Hollywood–Crawford Door Co was fantastic! I gave your staff a challenge and they ran with it. (My husband has put three small round holes in the door to let in light. I wanted to keep the doors but wasn’t sure the best way to “fix” the problem.) Miss Lisa was sympathetic, knowledgeable and friendly. She researched the best way and we decided to add windows to my garage. It took time but she didn’t forget about me – and she did it for a great price! Kenny (and his son) came on time, he was quick and patient (my garage was messy) He answered all my questions and showed me how to maintain the doors. And my doors look great!! Best of all there were no added fees, no hassles and you came when you said, and on time! Thank you!” 

- Mary P. 



 “I have completed your Valued Customer Survey but I also wanted to take the time to send a personal note. Last Friday I went out to my garage door and it would not lift. We tried to lift the door manually and then my husband noticed that one of the springs had broken. I immediately came in the house to call Hollywood-Crawford. The person answering the phone was Connie. I told her what was going in on and she immediately asked me to tell my husband to come in the house and to stop messing with the garage door. She said it could be dangerous. So that is the first thing I want to say thank you for. I then told Connie that I had a 10 am appointment but she indicated that all the technicians were booked and we probably could not get someone out until the afternoon. I said okay and we ended our conversation. A few minutes later, Connie called me back to say someone was coming out to get the door open for us, so we could get our cars out of the garage. The service manager arrived and opened the door and I was able to keep my 10 am appointment. I thought, how nice that Connie arranged that. The technician called me before he arrived to let me know he was on his way. Again, a nice touch. The door was repaired and we were back to normal. I have my own business and I so believe in customer service, but it seems like there isn’t much of that around anymore. So this is a special thank you to you and your great employees who made our day a lot easier.” 

– Jerri T.  



“On Monday, August 22nd, our garage door spring decided to croak. We called your company and the nice lady said that the technician would call us Tuesday morning to set up an appointment for the repairs. And sure enough, Emmett Johnson called to set up the appointment. He was to arrive between noon and 1 pm. He showed up at 11:30am which is truly remarkable for a service technician to actually show up ahead of time for an appointment. Thing were looking good.  Emmett was very professional in his presentation and made quick work for replacing the broken spring. Then when he rant the door up and down, he noticed there was a lot of slack in the chain so he decided to tighten it. After tightening the chain, he ran the garage door up and down again and his 17 years of experience told him that was “hearing” a mechanical problem. That’s when he found the work out gear in the garage door unit. He said it had about two or three ore lifts and then it would have failed for sure.. sort of on it’s last leg. My wife ins and Area Sales Manager for First American Hone Warranty and she knew that the gear would be covered under our warranty policy. I mentioned that to Emmett and he said the job would have to be assigned a work order thru First American. Or he could just charge us what he would charge First American. And that’s what he did. I asked about a discount for First American employees and he said that he was authorized to offer a 5% discount, which he did. I was having a hard time finding something to complain about Emmett… maybe that’s why he’s has been with Hollywood Crawford for 17 years. Needless to Say, Emmett Johnson was a breath of fresh air. My wife was very impressed with the manner in which Emmett handled the repairs. She had nothing but good things to say about our experience with Hollywood Crawford Door Co. and she is going to make it a point to pass along those favorable comments to First American. Thank you very much.” 

– Jim and Glenda S.   



“I want to commend your serviceman, Luis, who came to our house to repair our broken garage door opener recently. I told him on the phone when he called to confirm the appointment that I was getting old,  (age 75) and could barely lift the two door manually. He said, “I’ll take care of you,” and he did. We live in a rental house. The doors on the two-car garage are connected together and are operated by a single garage door opener. The original installation of the opener was crude but functional. The heavy drive unit was suspended from the sheetrock ceiling by heavy screws that didn’t go into the wood joists for solid support. The unit was tilted about 25 degrees to one side. The chain sagged and interfered with the slider, jamming the mechanism and shutting off the closing sequence. As soon as Luis walked into the garage he said, “I see what’s wrong!” Indeed he knew that the sagging chain meant that the cable had jumped off the idler. Like Santa Claus, he went straight to work with the only tool he seemed to need – a battery-powered, impact nut driver. In a flash he unscrewed the motor unit from the ceiling and re-attached it properly with “holey” L-angle strips and bolts. He knew before he even got here that the springs needed tightening to take most of the weight of the doors off of the cable. So he used a pair of steel rods to safely increase the tension. Then he used his electric nut driver to unbolt and re-locate the center rail. When he had everything re-assembled and adjusted correctly, he took that nut driver and tightened every nut on the pair of doors. In the process, he spotted a broken #4 hinge and replaced it on the spot. Finally, he lubricated the moving parts, tested the system and hurried off to his next job. I paid him only his service call charge and five dollars for the new hinge. It was money well Spent! Please thank Luis for “taking care of me.” He did a fine job in the shortest time possible. You are well-represented and served by this conscientious and expert serviceman. I know whom to call if and when I ever need your service again.”

 -Jim H. 

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